1: What is the MOQ?

Some of the goods have stock with our brand . which not have MOQ.

OEM or ODM , should discuss According to the actual conditions

2.What is the material of the motor?

We have the cooper wire, aluminum wire, CCA(copper clad aluminum wire) 3 kind of material

3.What is the different between the copper and aluminum?

Aluminum 3 year life. Copper can be 5 year.

4.What is the stator material of the motor?

Iron sheet, and Slicon sheet.    Slicon will be more better in performance but will be more high price.

5.Is the motor have fuse inside?


6.how about the capacitance size?

110V About 4-6uf , 220V About 1.5-2.5uf

7.What is the bearing inside the motor?

Oil bearing and ball bearing

8.What is the material of the blade?

PP ABS AS plastic

9.What about the grill?



10.What is the material of the body?


11.What about the packing?

1pcs/gift box  2pcs/2 box  2pcs/box  SKD packing  CKD packing

12.What about the delivery day?


13.What is the standard using?

IEC60335-2-80   IEC60335-1

14.Which certification can provide?


15:Can we get sample from you?

Yes, we will charge the FOB price as sample fee, which will be refunded after placing order.

16:When should we place order?

After depost,artwork will sent for confirm3day, material arrange(10~15days),in productionschedule(5~7day). Bookcontainer 3~5day.

So, pls Place order 30+shipment day before the day you need.