How about the brushless motor fan item?

How about the brushless motor fan item?
Dc frequency conversion technology is widely used in air conditioning. Currently, "variable frequency" air conditioners have taken up almost 40% of the market share.
Many air conditioning manufacturers are using slogans such as "one night at a time" or "once in the morning."
Although electric fan power is much smaller than air conditioning, but use frequency is very high, represented by guangzhou in southern China, domestic foreign represented by high temperature in southeast Asia, fan can be used from April until October.
In the long run, the electricity consumption is considerable.
At present, the lowest power of dc converter fan can reach 28W, compared with the ordinary fan 55W, more than 50% energy saving.
Good energy-saving models can realize the effects of 52 days once electricity, wind power 2.36 W, 1 by using eight hours a day, 1 KWH for dc frequency conversion fan running 52 days, power-saving effect is obvious.
Supply stable
The most characteristic of frequency conversion technology is that it runs smoothly.
Frequency conversion fan widely used 7 soft fan leaf and 32 in the design of the stepless speed regulation, air distribution mode can adjust the air flow, including natural wind, sleep, standard or ECO wind wind wind, booking 24 hours boot, regular shutdown, etc.
The user enters custom function, can according to oneself need, edit every 30 seconds the change of the volume size.
User can also according to chun xia qiu dong, damp and dry heat, old person child all sorts of body condition, undertake personalized customization setting.
After setting up, it can be self-named preservation, such as "baby's wind", "summer wind" or "sleep wind", etc., to achieve the private customized cool breeze.
Sixteen decibels
Many consumers are concerned about noise when they choose a fan, and believe that no one can stand the noise that keeps buzzing in their ears when they sleep.
The electric fan with variable frequency motor is also excellent in noise. It can realize 16 decibels to be quiet, so that people can rest in a quiet environment.
And, in terms of exterior design, frequency conversion electric fan also increased a lot of fashion elements, such as cartoon design Disney princess fan series, etc., thus increasing frequency conversion electric fan in the attractiveness of the market.
Of course, in general, the variable frequency electric fan belongs to the medium and high-end products, and the price in the market is relatively high about 30%, and the average price of RMB 600 or even 800 is everywhere.
However, because the electric fan itself unit price is relatively not high, therefore the price does not appear particularly abrupt in general.
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